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The Warrnambool Golf Course is a public access facility located within 2km of the regional city’s CBD, it makes for an ideal destination for the dedicated golf tourist, social golfing groups or family holiday makers. The Warrnambool Golf Club has operated on site since the early 1960’s and has developed a reputation for supplying a quality member experience through its weekly and annual program. The Club house is welcoming and provides a venue for a variety of functions whilst also providing a well stocked Pro Shop.


Warrnambool Golf Club is proud to offer our members the opportunity to book their competition tee-times through this website.
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 Available competitions will be highlighted in BLUE under 'Create Booking'. These will generally become available 10 days before the competition date.

If you have any questions, please call us on 03 5562 8528.

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Warrnambool Golf Club - 2016

Club Championship – Terms & Conditions

1.Entrance fees ($36.00) must be paid at time of entry

2.The competition shall be played in accordance with the Rules of Golf as adopted by R&A Rules Limited, together with such local rules as are in force on the course over which the competition rounds are being played. If any dispute arises on any point, it shall be decided by the Match Committee whose decision shall be final. In addition, all players are required to adhere to Golf Victoria’s Code of Conduct for the duration of the event.

3.The Committee shall make all arrangements and have full power to make any variation in the Conditions should they deem it desirable

4.The Match Committee may, in the event of bad weather, or for any other reason, either cancel the event, shorten the event or fix another day for play

5.The use of distance measuring devices is permitted; however, players are NOT permitted to use distance measuring devices that are designed to gauge or measure other conditions that might affect his/her play (EG: gradient, wind speed, temperature etc) regardless of whether any such additional functions are actually used. Any player found in breach of this condition is in breach of Rule 14-3, for which the penalty is disqualification.

6.Slow Play Rule will be strictly enforced. Each group must maintain its position on the course with respect to the group preceding them. Any group with a clear hole in front of them will be considered out of position. Penalties will be issued to individuals in such groups who by their pace contribute to such delay. Warnings may not be issued prior to penalties.

7.In the event of a tie at the end of 72 holes a play-off will be held – sudden death. Players will ensure score cards are validated by the Match Committee then proceed to the 17th hole (sudden death) & 18th hole until a result is reached. These are the only 2 holes to be played.

8. If there is a tie for second and third in any grade no play off is required. They will be deemed to be equal second or third and the prize split evenly.

9.After 3 completed rounds the top 9 scores plus ties qualify for the final day. A draw will be done to reflect this. It is up to all players to check the club web site or contact the club to confirm if they qualified and what time they are required Sunday. Should there be under 20 players (total) in a grade only 6 players plus ties will be eligible for the Sunday final.


Permission to use motorised transport is not required by any player upon reaching 75 years of age. Cart usage during any GV event would still require any individual to comply with any club requirement and/or cart availability.

WGC Match Committee require a medical certificate which specifies the period of time that the exemption has been requested for to use a motorised golf cart during the Club Championship’s. For example, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year, or indefinitely.

(Note: Only medical certificates from general practitioners will be accepted. Medical certificates from osteopaths, physiotherapists, podiatrists etc are NOT recognised and will consequently not be accepted.)

During play in the Warrnambool Golf Club Championship’s (unless otherwise stated in the event conditions), it is prohibited for a player to ride in or on a motorised vehicle unless specific written permission has been granted by the Match Committee in accordance with our policy.

Exceptions: -

(i) Rules Referees or a Championship Committee member may utilise mechanical locomotion to transport a player in the interests of pace of play where necessary without penalty.

Warrnambool Golf Club - Rules of Competition

1. The Professional is the TEE- MASTER and all golfers must check with the Professional before playing golf.

2. Play is generally under the conditions determined by the Match Committee, in compliance with the Rules of Golf as authorised by the Royal and Ancient Club of St Andrews, except as may be modified by local rules from time to time

3. Un-financial members shall be ineligible to compete in Club Competition as per Article 28

4. Competitions are subject to a Time Sheet which sets out the competition of the day – Tee times in general are between 7.00am – 9.00am , 11.20am – 1.20pm

5. Players in all competitions must pay their entrance monies at the professional shop before the commencement of their round under penalty of disqualification.

6. Members are to play only from tee markers as set for the day.

7. Members are reminded that prior to play in competition, they are not permitted to play practice shots except in the area set aside for that purpose by the Committee – the practice fairway and the practice putting greens.

8. In PAR and STABLEFORD competitions when a player has exhausted the number of strokes at a hole to secure a point, he MUST IMMEDIATLEY PICK UP.

9. Should a four-ball partner fail to arrive, and no substitute be available, the player should fill in a single card and he/she will be matched with another player from within the field.

NB – All Players are required to report to the starter and be ready to play 10 minutes before tee off time. Should this not occur a member of the WGC Match Committee has been authorised to impose a penalty.

10. At the end of any competition round each player must scan his own scorecard after ensuring that it is correct and signed. Incorrectly marked cards will mean disqualification – check you have signed and all boxes are crossed.

11. Any protest must be lodged with the Captain prior to the presentation of trophies on the day on which the disputed matters has risen.

12. Always inspect the Local Rules Board to keep you informed of Temporary Local Rules

13. The lowest marker in the group is the Captain of each group and is responsible for the observance of etiquette on the Course

14. You must call the players through when you hit a ball into the rough and cannot immediately find it. It is not only golf etiquette but a ruling of the Match committee. Slow players may be penalised by the Match Committee.

15. Rake Bunkers after use, place rakes in the middle of the bunker facing play, repair pug marks and fill all divots.


When scores are tied the following system is used:

18 hole events the best score for the last 9 holes shall be used, if there is still a tie, the last 6 holes, or if still tied the last 3 holes. If a tie still persists then hole by hole from the 18th. For events over 18 holes, 1st countback on final 18 holes.

17. Any ties for the Monthly Medal will be decided by play off the following month. (Men)


Warrnambool Golf Club offers members and guests a bustling schedule of competition events every Saturday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 
You can view the most recent competition results below, or view our historic results from the top menu.

Main Comp - Saturday

Ladies Day - Wednesday

Vets Day - Tuesday

Pro Comp - Thursday

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