CORONAVIRUS W.G.C. UPDATE 5:45 PM 23/03/2020

Unfortunately we haven’t heard from either Golf Australia or the Government today.
We understand a meeting between the Premier and Golf Victoria is currently underway.
Therefore the Club isn’t prepared to sanction any club competitions from today until we are cleared to do so. This means unfortunately tomorrows Veterans competition has been cancelled.
Hopefully we will have some more direction prior to the Ladies Club Championship final round on Wednesday. So ladies at this stage you should treat Wednesday as going ahead, until informed otherwise.
Whilst members are still permitted to play socially tomorrow and beyond at this stage, the Club would like to stress that all virus protocols must be followed including the following:

If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19, you must not attend the Club. You must immediately inform Peter and disclose the other Members with whom you have been in contact for 14 days before the diagnosis

If you have returned from overseas on or from midnight on 15 March 2020, you must self-isolate for 14 days and not attend the Club

If you have been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19, you should immediately seek medical advice, self-isolate for 14 days and not attend the Club.

If you feel the slightest illness or have any flu like symptoms, you must not attend the Club. Please monitor your health and seek professional medical advice.

Continue to wash your hands at every opportunity

Maintain social distance – no shaking hands, hugs, kissing or touching or sharing carts
All non-essential travel has been banned

As per our Facebook post, from today only members are permitted to play – no members guests or visitors please!

If competitions are allowed to go ahead then members should be prepared for some changes. For example its likely that there’ll be one tee starts, which would mean current booking sheets would have to be scrapped and re-opened with the aforementioned one tee start. (at this stage we are still on a two tee start).
Please do not congregate before or after your rounds.
Parents dropping children to golf must ensure they are picked up immediately after they finish golf.

Whilst the office is still operating, the office door will be locked and members can communicate with staff through the window (next to the office door).

Following the Government’s direction yesterday our bar has now closed indefinitely and eggs will not be available until we open back up.

The Office and Pro Shop will only accept payments by card until further notice.

I thank all the members for their patience and hope that everyone understands that the C.O.M. and other members of today’s emergency meeting’s main priority is the safety of our members and staff.
Hopefully this won’t interrupt everyone’s golf for too long!!