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18 Holes

18 Holes

Par 72

Par 72



Hole 1 – ‘Horse Paddock’

Par 5: Length M 445 metres L 402 metres

Opening tee shot to uphill fairway which razor backs until 100m from green.
Large flat surface guarded by two pot bunker.

Hole 2 – ‘Road Hole’

Par 3: Length M 191 metres L 180 metres

Beginning stretch of five challenging holes that really test when played into prevailing winds. Long iron to driver required to reach green.

Two bunkers protect flat green with large swale on the left-hand side of green collecting any wayward shots.

Hole 3 – ‘Lone Pine’

Par 4: Length M 351 metres L 343 metres

A challenging hole that demands an exacting drive over the hill.

Right hand side is out of bounds with left side of fairway lined by trees. Shot into a sloping green with bunker on left hand side.

Hole 4 – ‘Sand Dune’

Par 4: Length M 311 metres L 253 metres

Start of the infamous Shipwreck Bend stretch of holes. Short hole that demands an exacting drive. Right-hand side is out of bounds. Large dune blocks any shots that go right of centre.

Short second shot to raised green that has a slight fall back to fairway. Any shots long are protected by a large grassed mound but once over players are punished by trees and scrub.

Hole 5 – ‘Sea View’

Par 4: Length M 327 metres L 313 metres

Magnificent sea views greet you. Don’t be misled by your surrounds, any shot offline is likely to punished to the maximum.

Thick trees guard along the entire fairway. Short in length, but require precision shot making. Green sloping severely from back to front.

Hole 6 – ‘Lummies’

Par 4: Length M 345 metres L 284 metres

The final hole of the Shipwreck Bend stretch is a dogleg to the right. Tea tree along both sides of the fairway.

Gentle uphill second, to tight and mounded green. Long and wayward are penalised.

Hole 7 – ‘Dog Leg’

Par 4: Length M 353 metres L 346 metres

An elevated tee oversees a dogleg to the right.
The second shot is into a large green, guarded by bunkers right & left.

Hole 8 – ‘The Glen’

Par 4: Length M 230 metres L 225 metres

A testing par 4, accuracy is demanded with the Tee shot. Green heavily treed & bunkered, requiring precision with a pitch. Flat putting surface.

Hole 9 – ‘Half Way’

Par 3: Length M 133 metres L 108 metres

Up hill to big flat green, bunkers at front relatively straightforward.

Hole 10 – ‘Tussock Hole’

Par 5: Length M 532 metres L 461 metres

“The Green Monster” par 5 is usually into prevailing wind. The tee shot is forgiving, although a large dam down the left-hand side can come into play if you are wayward.

A double kinked fairway surrounded by tea tree on both sides makes for demanding shots into the large raised green. The tiered green slopes heavily from back to front making putting very interesting especially if you are above the pin.

Hole 11 – ‘McIntyres’

Par 4: Length M 385 metres L 343 metres

Equal longest par 4 on the course which usually plays downwind.

Highly elevated tee on to a very generous fairway. An approach to a green which is 4m above the fairway makes for precision shot making. Putting surface runs from front to back.

Hole 12 – ‘Dingley Dell’

Par 4: Length M 292 metres L 262 metres

A short par 4. Spacious driving hole. Bunker to the left and trees all around makes for a tough approach shot to a three-tiered green sloping away from left to right.

Hole 13 – ‘The Plateau’

Par 3: Length M 117 metres L 85 metres

The shortest hole on the course. The tee shot into a green which is situated 20m above the tee. Bunkers surround the front half of the green.

The green slopes very heavily from back to front making putting challenging if you are above the pin. One of the toughest putting greens on the course. Got to be under the hole at all times.

Hole 14 – ‘Blow Hole’

Par 4: Length M 385 metres L 343 metres

Equal longest par 4 on the course. A demanding drive onto a fairway which is lined by tea tree on both sides. The hole doglegs to the left at the 220m mark to a green which is highly elevated.

Green slopes away on all sides, making approach shots very difficult. Must carry the ball on the green.

Hole 15 – ‘Lords’

Par 3: Length M 181 metres L 149 metres

Longer than you think. A tee shot into a green which slopes from left to right. Bunkers are on both sides of the green.

High banking on the left-hand side of the green narrows down the landing area. Generally played with a left to right crosswind.

Hole 16 – ‘Newmans’

Par 4: Length M 283 metres L 270 metres

Short par 4. Fairway lined on both side by tea tree. Accuracy off the tee is a must to set up a shot at the pin.

Green is surrounded by bunkers. High sloping banks on the right make for a tight shot into right pin placements.

Hole 17 – ‘Plovers Nest’

Par 5: Length M 488 metres L 425 metres

A challenging par 5. The driving area has fairway bunkers on the left-hand side but is pretty wide. The fairway narrows off at the 400m mark where mounds on the left and bunkers to the right protect the green.

A long raised green with a tier in the middle, which slopes from back to front makes putting very difficult and hard to judge.

Hole 18 – ‘Homeward Bound’

Par 5: Length M 447 metres L 393 metres

The tee is offset to the fairway which makes driving awkward. The landing area is wide but there is trouble down both sides of the fairway.

The hole narrows as you get closer to the green, with cypresses on the left and a fairway bunker on the right. The green is surrounded by 3 bunkers and runs from back to front.