Course Report August 2018


We were fortunate recently to receive a visit by David Flood from Thomson Perrett Pty Ltd, our Golf Course Architectural firm.  The course walk, and subsequent meeting with the Grounds sub-committee members, identified areas for improvement and outlined a design strategy for the golf course moving forward.

We are blessed with a good proportion of our golf course being built on sand dunes that originally formed part of the adjoining coastal reserve.  This is ideal land for golf courses and as such we want to make a feature of this and incorporate the natural sand dune look into our course design.  This has already been done to great effect on the 4th & 5th holes with sandy wastelands at strategically placed areas along the edge of fairways.  It breaks the “sea of green” look that many golf courses have and allows the course to sit well in its natural environment.  We will progressively be exposing more of this type of feature, particularly along the Shipwreck Bend holes, as resources become available.

Many of you may have seen our recent Golf Australia Top 100 golf courses ranking move up from 89 to 84 recently.  The judge’s comments stated:

“The program of clearing vegetation to expose sandy wasteland midway through the front nine has turned these offerings into great holes. They are now visually more appealing and they ask questions of your strategy on the tee. I expect Warrnambool will continue to rise in the ranking as more subtle changes are made.” – Brendan James.

Removing weed species, such as shiny leaf, will continue to be done when time and resources allow.  Cutting back vegetation that has encroached over time on to fairways and around greens and tees is also being scheduled in the coming months.  You may have noticed this occurring around areas of the golf course already.

Members will also soon see the removal of the She-Oak on the left side of the 13th green and a thinning out of the Pine trees right of the right greenside bunker on 15.  The roots of these trees are impacting the green and/or bunker that they are adjacent to.  We’re sure many members will not be upset with the removal of some of the pines on 15 as it is well known they eat golf balls!

There were a number of other projects identified for us to consider, but due to their estimated cost, will have to wait until funds and resources become available.

Cathie West                                         David Warnaar
MANAGER                                           COURSE SUPERINTENDENT