Course Update – June 2018

A new Grounds Sub-Committee has recently been formed and will be chaired by Gerard Lynch.  Other members of the sub-committee are Elliot Gould, Brian Mackenzie, Luke Williams, David Warnaar and Cathie West.  Paul Blain has stepped down from the Grounds Sub-Committee to concentrate on his role as Club President but will attend meetings and course walks when required.

I would again like to take this opportunity to thank Ash Burns and Rob Henderson for their many years of dedicated help and support to the Grounds Sub-Committee, in particular Rob who was exceptional in his role as Chairman and will be greatly missed.  Thankfully Rob still attends and helps with the Monday volunteers, as he has for a great deal of time.

As members may have already noticed we are maintaining the greens to cater for a faster ball roll.  This was a decision made by the Grounds Sub-Committee and where at all possible we will continue to do this.

We have also ear-marked specific trees and woody weeds to be removed around the course over the next few months.  Approval has been sort from DELWP and once a permit is issued we will be commencing this work.  In many cases removed vegetation will be replaced by more appropriate trees and shrubs.

We are continuing to manage the fairways in a manner that best avoids unsightly mud and worm castings.  This may result in the grass on some fairways being a little longer than in summer.

At this time of year it is most important to carry a sand bucket to fill in any divots.  It is also important to fix any pitch marks on the greens.  If everyone does their bit then it makes it more enjoyable for everyone.

Please continue to drive golf carts responsibly on the course, avoiding wet areas and slopes.  Be mindful of how you take-off to avoid wheel spin and only use golf carts if absolutely necessary.  There’s no better way to keep warm in the colder months than a good brisk walk around the golf course!

David Warnaar
Course Superintendent