Men’s Club Championships info

3rd. round of the Men’s Club Championships will be conducted this Saturday.
As soon as possible after play the draw for the last round will be organised and posted on the noticeboard in the Clubhouse. It will also be posted on our Website and to Facebook.
We will endevour to contact all players if possible on the Saturday Night.
Draw for Sunday is as follows:
9.00am 1st Tee – B grade – 7,8,9
9.00am 10th Tee – D grade – 4,5,6
9.10am 1st Tee – B grade – 4,5,6
9.10am 10th Tee – D grade – 1,2,3
9.20am 1st Tee – B grade – 1,2,3
9.20am 10th Tee – C grade – 7,8,9
9.30am 1st Tee – A grade – 7,8,9
9.30am 10th Tee – C grade – 4,5,6
9.40am 1st Tee – A grade – 4,5,6
9.40am 10th Tee – C grade – 1,2,3
9.50am 1st Tee A grade – 1,2,3
The course will be closed to any other players intil 3.00pm
There will be a BBQ going between 11.00am and 1.00pm for any in attendence. We request a gold coin donation.
We will have an active leader board displayed near the Pro Shop to keep everyone updated as much as possible.
Pleaee come out to the course and watch some very fine golfers compete. All grades are interesting and promising some great action. The players will appreciate spectators around watching.
See you on the weekend.
Regards, Colin Williams