Message from Match Committee 14/2/2018

Club Championships: 
Time sheet will be available from next Tuesday 20th February for the first round, but members competing in the Championships will need to contact the Pro Shop to place their names on the sheet. For all other members the time sheet will be available on line the following Tuesday 27th February. This is to allow preference for the Championship competing members. This will apply for the first 3 rounds.

Cart signs, ropes and hoops:
These was a query brought up regarding hitting these. The rule is that it’s just bad luck. The ball is played as it is. There is no replay of the shot.

General Items:
Slow play – please be aware of your position in the field which is behind the group in front of you. Not in front of the group behind you. It’s the responsibility of the lowest handicap player to keep an eye on this.

Pitch marks and divot – please repair your pitch marks and divot and if you have the time please attend to others as well.

Buggies on greens – please keep all buggies off all greens.

Thanks and all the best for the Club Championships
Match Committee