Messages from the President and Course Superintendent

Club President Paul Blain
On behalf of the Committee of Management, I would like to thank Rob Henderson and Ash Burns, who have both recently left the Grounds Committee. They have  provided years of service and expertise to this club by spending their spare time each month, liaising with David, to present the course in a condition we can all be proud of.
I would also like to take this opportunity to welcome the new Grounds Committee which is made up of Luke Williams, Brian MacKenzie and Gerard Lynch in the chair. Elliot Gould will remain as the liaison to the Committee of Management.
As a club we are really lucky to have such generous members who put in their own time and expertise and I look forward to working with the new Grounds Committee in the future.

Paul Blain.

Course Superintendent David Warnaar 
Dear Members
The course has come through a tough summer well, and the recent rain has certainly freshened the place up.
Over summer we encountered large amounts of algae in our water storage, the aeration definitely helped as it wasn’t as bad as last year. We trialled a few different products to help counter the algae and eventually found a product that works. So next summer we will be better prepared to keep the problem under control.
Recently we have groomed the greens which is apart of a scheduled maintenance at the end of summer to keep thatch levels down in the green, we also constantly spray growth retardants and beneficial bacteria to counter thatch build up. We also keep nutrient level low and don’t over fertilise the greens, to ensure we don’t get flush growth which both accelerates thatch build up and increases the risk of disease.
In the last fortnight we have applied two applications of endothal to keep winter grass levels under control, this is another scheduled maintenance task that we do every autumn and spring and it tends to colour off the greens a little.
This week we will be fertilising the greens as apart of a monthly program.
The 10th green has been treated with a chemical to kill any couch that was in it, this is working well and the couch is almost completely dead.
We will be short staffed for the next month or so, as we have a staff member on extended sick leave due to illness, and I also have some pre organised leave coming up.
We would ask for your understanding during this time, and be assured we will be doing our best to keep the course in good condition for play. Over the next week or so Ross Corbert will help us out when he is available and I thank Ross for this assistance.

Your Sincerely
David Warnaar
Course Superintendent