New Social Distancing & Preventative Measures 21/03/2020

On top of measures already implemented please observe the following

Instead of one table per 4 chairs, there are now 11 doubled up tables with four chairs at each.
Once these 44 chairs are filled, under the new distancing guidelines, the bar is at capacity. So if you’d like to have a drink with your partners and all tables are filled (unlikely this time of year) we ask that you all wait outside until a table becomes available.Please do not re-arrange any furniture or use any of the chairs apart from the 44 allocated ones.
If required, Sundays Championship presentation will be held in the BBQ area.
To cut down on handling please place your used glasses upside down on the trays provided on the bar.
Communal water dispensers will no longer be provided. Bottled water can be purchased or ask a staff member to get you a glass of water from the tap.

Pro Shop
A maximum of 16 people are permitted in the Pro Shop.

A maximum of 4 people are permitted in the office.

Please don’t use the communal water fountains.

Please note if you are in the high risk category or are filling sick, please stay home. These measures are by no means bullet proof they can only lessen the risk.

My thanks go to all members, who have without fuss embraced these new measures implemented over the past few days.
But special thanks to Club Pro Craig Bonney, Course Super David Warnaar, Club Captain Colin Williams and the C.O.M. who have been working very hard behind the scenes to help the Club find the complicated balance of upholding our Club Championships’s integrity and safely keeping the course open.