New W.G.C. App.

New W.G.C. App.

Hi everyone, the Committee of Management  are delighted to announce a new feature for W.G.C. members, the W.G.C. app which uses the Teamapp platform. To download this for free follow the instructions below. This app will allow you to check amongst other things news, events and your handicap at the push of a button. As the instructions state if you are on our emailing list you should be pre-approved if not you will be approved with 24-48 hours. A massive thank you to Elliot Gould who has spent many many hours of his own time getting this set up with the assistance of Golf Victoria.

Installing WGC APP

Step 1:  install TEAMAPP (If already signed up to TEAMAPP go to step 2)

  1. Download and install TEAMAPP from the iTunes app store or Android Play store
  2. Click on Sign up and fill in your details- a verification code will be sent to your email
  3. Enter the verification code in the TEAMAPP sign up section and follow the instructions to complete sign up
  4. Select “Allow” on Notifications message if you wish to be alerted when a news item has been posted on the app

          Step 2: Join Warrnambool Golf Club APP

  1. Once signed up with  TEAMAPP, search for Warrnambool Golf Club and click to join
  2. As you are registered on the club email list for results and news you have been pre-approved to join as a member on the app
  3. Follow instructions in the app to complete sign up.

Note: The events calendar can be set as a list view or a calendar view. You can change between the two when in the events section by pressing on the icon in the top right to change the one displayed.

Click on the link below to see what the features of the app are and what the homepage looks like.