News from Committee of Management Feb 19th & Club Captain

Competition Fees
Unfortunately due to an increase in irrigation costs, brought about by the withdrawal of 2018 water subsidies from Wannon Water and the escalating costs of algae control, the Water Levy will be increased by $1. This increase will be effective April 1st 2018.
Cheese & Kabana
Last year the club spent over $4000 on cheese & kabana. It was decided to help cover this expense, each basket will now cost $2.

Clarification of cart sign rule
Following the email titled ‘Results week ending 11/02/18’ under the heading ‘Cart signs, ropes and hoops’
it stated –
These was a query brought up regarding hitting these. The rule is that it’s just bad luck. The ball is played as it is. There is no replay of the shot.

Colin Williams would like to add-
Further to our email last week we have decided to amend a local rule to include the Cart Signs.

Rule 10 on the back of the score cards will now be amended when the next print is done

The rule will read – ropes, uprights and cart signs to be treated as immovable obstructions.
Rule 24-2 applies.

This amendment is now on the local rules board.