The R&A has announced overnight a series of temporary measures that will enable clubs to remove any hygiene implications related to complying with the Rules of Golf. These temporary measures are effective immediately and allow the Rules of Golf, and Model Local Rules, to be modified as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak

Players must enter their own hole scores on their scorecard (its not necessary for a marker to do it) as well as their partners score.
It is not necessary to have a marker physically certify the player’s hole scores, but some form of verbal certification should take place.

All rakes have been removed from bunkers. Preferred lies are in play in bunkers to one card length. Players are asked to, after playing a shot, smooth bunkers using their feet or a club (this isn’t permitted before a player has a shot)

Flagsticks have been removed until further notice. Pin sheets for this weekends championships are available from the pro shop as they will be for all competitions. There’ll be no Super or NTP’s during this time.